Transformation Stories
"surrender to fear and allow the magic to happen!"

Hollye wanted to find her own independence. she made a commitment to herself, and made it happen. she was trapped in a negative world that she didn't know how to get out of.. when she tried, she kept banging her head against the wall.

"i'm more excited about the future..."

Elias, an art student, and budding entrepreneur, from Morocco, he had high ambitions and didn't know how to train his behavior to make it happen. Discover how he freed himself from a negative loop, that was wreaking havoc to his focus.
"go out there and learn, get the tools, do it!"

Rana was skeptical and wondered what we could teach her — that she didn't know already. She was losing awareness, and what she calls her "mojo". She had fading enthusiasm for her business, and received a tough health diagnosis., driven by an intense desire for things to get better, she decided to let go and TRUST the PROCESS.

Now she has a renewed love for life and her business! Check out her energy, it's contagious!!!
Carla learned to put herself first and FINALLY believe in herself — in a way she never thought was possible.

Check out this story of a working professional mother, who struggled to make time for herself, and found that she always put everything and everyone else before her own needs.

She wanted to make the second half of her life better than the first, and came to us requesting the tools to stop the negative "roommate" in her head.

What she got was so much more!
"My most surprising realization was, how easy it was..."

Cyndi used to be reactive and overwhelmed, with negative thoughts. she couldn't get over her life hurdles. and would let other people tell her what to do, how to do it, and where to go. Find out how she  built her self-confidence with a new boominG inner voice! 
"I see life in a whole new perspective, I'm happier and more self-assured...."

Mercy Was at a cross-road in her life. She didn't know what she wanted and things felt "muddled". She knew who she wanted to be, but Felt stuck in a negative cycle. everything she tried left her feeling more stuck and discouraged!
"I was totally blown away at how the setup was, and what I got out of it..."

JOhn, a personal trainer and motivation monster with a Phenomenal "growth mindset", he had no problem practicing positivity... however, he had a sense that something was missing. And indeed it was!

We discovered what was under the surface level, which freed him to finally feel connected to others on a deeper level, and have fulfilling relationships.
“Nothing is going to change if I don’t take the steps to change it.”

She described her life as being in utter confusion, and not knowing which way was up or down. She couldn’t make a simple decision about her life or what she wanted.

She knew something wasn’t right and that she wasn’t living true to herself. But didn’t know how to get that person back.

After trying books, videos, and programs, she signed up with a coach who claimed expertise and promised her results, if she just followed this one thing: acceptance.

But that turned out to do more damage than good as this non-expert wasn’t able to help Julianne dig deep to get past her internal blocks at the root.
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Disclaimer: Getting results is hard. Every human being is unique, so your results will be different. If you're looking for quick results without putting in the work, this isn't for you. Every one of our clients worked hard to reach their success. Your success is not guarenteed and up to you, hard work, commitment and consistency, plus many more unique factors to each person.